About Us

Get reacquainted with your natural historic table spread. Relive the protein resources that healthfully nourished the natives of this great land for millennia before nutrition was elevated to a science.  Experience the delight of natural Bison meat cooked and garnished to your taste and served on a bun of your choice, retrieved only a few hours earlier from the baker's oven.

The Bison

BISON, that majestic beast that once roamed the grass lands of North America in herds of many thousands and once brought to certain brinks of extinction, is a telling success story of a species now revived.

What you meat lovers are about to savor comes from the same majestic beast, roaming more or less the same natural habitats, now in expansive unfettered enclosures, coming to this world on its own, nursing on mothers milk the full term of lactation, grazing the same natural, unadulterated grasses of the prairie to full maturity; unaided and uncontrolled by man. 

Hence the BISON BURGER you’re about to enjoy is the healthiest, most natural, land raised, wholesome meat that is richest in digestable protein, lowest in fatty tissues, totally devoid of chemicals, food-grade additives, herbicides, antibiotics and growth hormones, even in trace quantities as might be found on ranch raised or feedlot stocks. Bon Appetít.

Try Something New

Other alternatives to common burger patties we offer include meats from Wild New Zealand elks, wild boars, gators, and others all bearing the same natural characteristics and wholesome qualities as our BISON BURGER.